Sweet Rods. A New Kind of Custom Hot Rod Show.
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Sweet Rods is a new kind of custom Hot Rod show, definitely not for the faint of heart.

Ride or die with our host Sweets as he searches for the most beat-up, rusted out, god-forsaken heaps of junk and skillfully returns them to their former glory, while transforming them into some of the baddest street rods on the planet. Back in the day, where there were no modern garages with lifts and computers, hot rodders would straighten a car frame with a tree, a chain, a pickup truck, and blow-torches, with as good a result as any present-day custom shop. Using methods developed in the '40s and '50s mixed in with some modern know how and a whole lot of street smarts, Sweets demonstrates his prowess in his own unique and engaging style.

A true artist, Sweets, freestyles like a rapper or musician, but instead of using a microphone or instrument to reach a crowd, he uses metal, gears, and paint.